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Local Sponsor & PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

An Emirati or a UAE native with a family membership card (Gincia) who serves as your service agent for your company in the UAE is known as a local sponsor in the UAE.

An individual or a company may act as a local sponsor for businesses in the UAE. In this case, the corporate sponsoring company must be 100% owned by citizens of the UAE or the GCC.

According to UAE Companies Law and UAE Civil Law, a minimum of 51% local equity is required to incorporate a limited liability company (LLC) on the mainland. Foreign ownership in this type of firm cannot exceed 49%, although the partners may agree to a different distribution of the profits.

Some professional and civil company types can have an expatriate shareholder own 100% of them, in which case the local sponsor will serve as the Local Service Agent (LSA).

How will Herald Group help you get a Local Sponsor in the UAE?

Herald Group guarantees complete support in finding a real, honest, solid, and dependable UAE national or Emirati to serve as your local sponsor in the UAE.

In contrast to firms registered on the UAE's mainland, which are required to have a mandatory local shareholder, the International firms Regulations do not need local shareholding in an offshore company. Therefore, foreign investors may own 100% of the stock in either individual or corporate entities.

Role of a Local Sponsor in the UAE

The local sponsor in the UAE is accountable for more than just allocating corporate shares. However, he is also in charge of the following significant transactions:

  • Cancellation of employees work visa
  • Cancellation of the labour status for employees
  • Closing the bank accounts
  • To settle any outstanding debt if there is any

What are the different types of PRO Services in Dubai, UAE that we offer?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Herald Group offers a wide variety of PRO Services to its clients. Each of the following PRO Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a speciality of our staff:

  • PRO Services in Dubai, UAE for Company Formation
  • PRO Services in Dubai, UAE for Company Liquidation
  • Employment Visa Process Application
  • Visa Renewal
  • Visa Cancellation
  • Registration and Renewal of Trade Licenses
  • Emirates ID
  • Application of Labour and Immigration Card
  • Processing’s & approvals from government departments
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Attestation and Notarisation of Documents